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archived:  20 January 2020 
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Wow re-reading my 02 Jan post is kind of triggering af.

Right after I posted I went to take down our outdoor holiday lights. I fell and dislocated the hand on my dominant arm. I also fractured the distal end of my radius in 3 places as well as sending a hairline fracture along the bone. I had a metal plate put in last Monday and it took me a week of protracted agony to recover from my "out-patient" surgery.

I'm looking at 11 more weeks of recovery and it is killing me. And I probably owe $2300 just for the surgery. That's with $400/mo insurance. God only knows how much PT is going to run me.

I managed to pinch the fuck out of a nerve in my neck on Thursday, so apparently this is another never-ending thing I get to experience.

I can't shower or wash my hair on my own and it is slowly driving me absolutely crazy. Most other things I have pieced out on my own because relying on others is dumb as hell.

Anyway updates are probably going to be sporadic because one-handed typing with my garbage hand gives me fits.

I may test out some dictation tools today.

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 Do You Really? 

archived:  02 January 2020 
tagged:  Writing 

Well I've been doing a lot today. Or at least I think it feels like I am.

I am busy updating our second desktop computer and putting all of our music software onto it. This is twofold. First: I want a machine up and ready to go in case mine explodes. Second: It would be nice to have a machine at our drummer's place so that we don't have to lug a tower back and forth every dang time.

I went to work out today, but the app I am using wants me to pay an annual membership. Downside: $60. Upsides: cheaper than a gym, I can do it at home, it's super cute. I dunno. I may wait until payday next week. I did do my sun salutation yoga warm up just to work on being limber, so I did SOMETHING which is good! Especially cos I still feel nauseous as all hell and I Do Not Like It.

I am trying to get a couple of bills paid. One is annoying because I can only do it on the phone (medial stuff) and the other is annoying because our credit card changed holders and the website is inoperable even though PEOPLE STILL HAVE BILLS TO PAY. I can do that one on the phone as well but ugh gross.

I also did my morning chores, which is a feat for me cos when I'm not working having a schedule is Very Hard. But I'm doing it, dammit!

I am going to take down our outdoor holiday decorations in a bit here, and I'm going to work on making all of our song files nice and consistent so that when we work on mixing the rest of the drums, and moving foward, things should just be easy. I wonder if Ableton lets you set up whole templates. That would be kind of amazing. I already have racks set up for everything, but a whole song layout for our project would be super convenient. Oh dang just used THE INTERNET and found out that I can set up templates. Shit is about to get Real.

I think I burnt myself out on trying to get all these damn cookies made in Destiny 2. I have like 62 to go, but I also have 2 weeks, so maybe I'll take a break from video games today? I really want to read. And do puzzles. And now that we've rearranged our living space I also want to clean some more. Isn't it weird how Kondo'ing and organizing just does that to a person? Go figure.

I have learned that being without my sunshine replacement light makes me Really Irritable and honestly this is kind of a breakthrough. I recognized the behavior and I've been working to keep it at bay. I mean, I want to buy a light, but I also desperately need to keep our money in order and so I'm doing a little self-correction in the meantime.

Woof I forgot how long it takes computers to update and install software. Maybe I'll just go shower and take down the decorations while this is doing what it's doing.

I also want to do some minor tweaks to the website, but Idk I'm kind of like "I dunno if I acutally want it" or if I just want to do it cos I'm antsy and I go to coding when I want to relax. I'm gonna think on it some more.

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 Lonelier Than God 

archived:  01 January 2020 
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Hello new year!

The last few days of 2019 were fine. Actually, yesterday was super-productive! We spent 5 hours using this  great and thorough drum mixing tutorial  for Ableton Live. Like, this is one of the best tutorials I've used outside of  InspirAspir's channel . So yeah, if you're looking for tips on Ableton, I suggest checking them out.

For today I'm planning to properly implement all of my "better myself" plans. So I am going to work out today. I'm also going to make sure I actually do all the things on my to-do list with presence and purpose.

We bought a papasan for me (A LIFELONG DREAM, FULFILLED!) and moved all of our recording equipment to one side of the room for ease of use and more floor space. A three-fer, honestly. We also moved our serviceable-but-uncomfortable-for-long-periods futon downstairs and so now we have a cozy sitting room adjacent to the dining room which we use as our actual living room. (Our house is old and laid out kind of odd. We have a front room which I think is supposed to be the living room/parlour, the dining room which we use as the living room, and another room at the base of the stairs that we use mostly as a library. They're all really open to each other so it's like I kind of wish I knew what the original uses of these spaces were.

I've been feeling nauseous for the past week and I can't tell if it's because I started working out again, I'm actually sick, PMS-related nonsense, or my body is finding new ways to tell me that I'm having a panic attack. I'd prefer it be that I'm just adjusting to being active again.

Anyway, the morning has somewhat gotten away from me, and I want to spend some time not on computers, so I'm going to go eat lunch, work out, and then read a book. Or maybe vacuum. Or vacuum and then read. Who knows.

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