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 Every Single Star Trek Film 

archived:  06 December 2021 
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I have many opinions, some controversial, some not. Oh and those Abrams films are not included here, and that is on purpose. No gracias.

TOS film opinions:

TNG film opinions:

Have you read the phenomenal  Kirk Drift essay by Erin Horáková ? If not you need to. Kirk is a wonderful captain. If you doin't like him you're probably misremembering Zap Branigan from Futurama as Kirk. It's okay, everyone does it. Even J.J. Abrams (barf).

Anyway that excellent article aside, what I see as the fundamental difference between Kirk and Picard is Picard is like "I'LL NEVER DESTROY MY SHIP" and Kirk is like "YOU KILLED MY SON? I'LL DESTROY YOU AND THIS DUMB SHIP TO DO IT." I'm not big on vengeance as a character vehicle, but Kirk is just far more human and interesting. Also TNG is just wholeheartedly positivist and I hate positivism. Give me that DS9 post-positivism any day.

So there you go, an in-no-way-comprehensive list of my Star Trek film hot takes.

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