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 Destiny Grimoire Anthology 1 

archived:  30 September 2019 
tagged:  Books 

I found this at Barnes & Noble and I was SO FUCKING EXCITED because I wasn't sure if I'd end up having to order it from Bungie or not. I was totally okay with buying it from them, I just reeeeeeeeeeeally like to purchase things in real life. Like to touch things, make sure they are banged up, etc.

Anyway, I devoured this in a day. It's gorgeous and well-composed, and provides a lot of interesting insights into the deeper lore of the Destiny universe.

I would love so much to live in a world where things so much greater than myself are real. As it is this is a gorgeous and terrifying escape from real life and it is done so in a beautiful tome. I cannot wait to get ahold of volume 2.

This grimoire selection focuses on the origins of the Hive, and by extension the Taken, as well as the introduction of the Vex. It is told through "verses" that tell the story of the three sisters Aurush, Xi Ro, and Sathona, who would become The Taken King Oryx, The Witch Savath√Ľn, and the Warrior Zivu Arath. It also tells the story of the origins of the Dredgen. I was excited reading about him because I just had a delightful bit of information delivered to me about the current whereabouts of Dredgen Yor.

I don't really know what else to say that wouldn't be either spoilery or boring for folks who aren't into the Destiny games, but the art is beautiful, the text is beautiful, and even teh cover itself is gorgeous. I'm including below screenshots from  Bungie's store  so that you can get a taste of what is within the pages.

Grimoire Cover
Interior Art
Interior Art
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archived:  26 September 2019 
tagged:  Music 

Jake introduced me to G.L.O.S.S. yesterday and OMG they are AMAZING.

They are a hardcore band comprised of queer and transgender members and they have a 100% take no prisoners attitude. They even turned down a record deal with Epitaph (run by the guitar player for Bad Religion) because of their distribution deal with Warner Brothers. Serious fucking business.

They are on  Spotify , but if you buy their music through  BandCamp  all of the proceeds go to a homeless shelter in Olympia, Washington.

Here is a full set of their music live in San Jose.

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 Bo Burnham: Make Happy 

archived:  14 September 2019 
tagged:  TeeVee 

Wow. Bo Burnham is..... not funny.

I did chuckle at the "Straight White Men" song, but other than that? .Y.I.K.E.S.

I don't know who gave him permission to throw around homophobic slurs for jokes, but maybe revoke it???

I ended up turning off this special about 15 minutes in because it was honestly just steaming trash. I don't like mean comedy. And for a guy who is self-aware enough to make a song talking about how white men are angry whiny babies he sure spends a lot of time on stage being a complete dick?

I suppose there are people who enjoy cruel humor, but that group and I make a Venn diagram of two completely separate circles.

I would not recommend this AT ALL. Nope. Blech. This comedy special did not deliver on its promise of "Make Happy."

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 Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Initial Thoughts 

archived:  02 September 2019 
tagged:  TeeVee 

Well, I watched the first episode of the new Netflix Dark Crystal series and I have SOME THOUGHTS. I don't discuss anything specific, just tone and themes.

It looks beautiful. The puppetry is amazing. I love that in the credits at the end they list the primary puppeteer as well as the voice actor for each of the characters.

But it doesn't FEEL like the Dark Crystal.

I know in this post-Game of Thrones era everyone is going to try to be grimdark and awful. And I know that this series, being a prequel to the film is set on a doom-course trajectory. But there are 2 types of doom-courses: GoT and Rogue One. I'm hoping they pull out a Rogue One kind of storytelling, where we know it ends in ruin for the characters, but it is also a story that is full of hope for everyone that comes after. One episode in and I surely cannot tell you which it will be.

My biggest fear is that it will be another Star Trek: Discovery; where the show is draped in the correct aesthetics, but is stripped entirely of the soul of its predecessor.

I'm going to finish it out. I didn't hate it (spouse did), but I am also reevaluating my expectations and lowering them significantly.

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