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 New Age Music & Finding Peaceful Focus 

archived:  29 August 2019 
tagged:  Music 

I mostly listen to music that is very angry. Or sad. I'm mostly good at finding music that suits my mood, rather than trying to find music to lift my mood.

But a part of what I'm trying to do in with this whole theme of fixing my life is to find music that provides me opportunities to heal and grow and be better at being a better person.

When I was little my parents were REALLY into new age music. We had all the Mannheim Steamroller albums, even the non-Christmas ones. My favorites were always the synthy, future-y sounding new age music.

For some reason it has been really hard for me to find a suitable match in theis modern future. Everything is either too... earthy (and grossly in appropriation territory), or it's toooooo bleep-bloop-y.

I did finally find an album of music that I love on Spotify. It's by an artist called "New Age Healing" and the album is "Music for Deep Meditation." Now, I suck shit at meditating, but this stuff really does create a very relaxed and soothing atmosphere for me to work. I am not as into their other albums as I am this one, but I'm slowly working at expanding my calming playlist so that I don't wear out the welcome of this one.

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