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a website is a place for me to do all the long posting I miss being able to do on ElJay. a website is intended to house all of my creative endeavors in one place. A repository.

I left all of the fast-paced social media outlets because they are bad. I also left because they make you  depressed  and  prey on addictive tendencies . AND because they break your cognitive ability to  focus  because  multitasking is bad, actually .

For a moment I had begun to think I actually HATE THE INTERNET. But I don't.

I hate the attention economy, I hate cowtowing to racists, I hate shitposters. I hate everything that the fast web has done to how we interact as people in a society.

So I'm going to log things here instead. And the reads are going to be long. And the only way to find them is going to be via either an archive or tags, all painstakingly organized and coded in html and css.

My own little artisanal corner of the internet.

If you want, you could send me a letter to interact. If you like something on this site, or something moved you, feel free to drop me a line. I would love to read it. I no longer maintain any spaces for fast web communication, so the place to reach me is via my  email .

The most recent creative media update can be found here:  Not Enough Sky  -  20 January 2022  -  Writing 

The most recent consumed media update can be found here:  Every Single Star Trek Film  -  06 December 2021  -  Films