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a website is a place for me to do all the long posting I miss being able to do on ElJay. a website is intended to house all of my creative endeavors in one place. A repository.

I took a long breaek from fast-paced social media outlets because they are bad. I also left because they make you  depressed  and  prey on addictive tendencies . AND because they break your cognitive ability to  focus  because  multitasking is bad, actually .

For a moment I had begun to think I actually HATE THE INTERNET. But I don't.

I'm going to log long-thought things here, my own little artisanal corner of the internet.

If you want, you could send me a letter to interact. If you like something on this site, or something moved you, feel free to drop me a line. I would love to read it. The place to reach me is via my  email .

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