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a website is a place for me to do all the long posting I can't get done on  mastodon . But it's alsom ore than just that. a website is intended to house all of my creative endeavors in one place. A repository.

This is not a blog, though I do have a section specifically for writing.

This is an attempt to bring old-fashioned interaction to a modern medium.

If you would like to send me a letter regarding something on this site that moved you, I would love to read it, but you have some homework first.

See if you can reach a word count of 200 words. I'm not assigning you a grade, I'm just looking to have meaningful interactions.

While I appreciate quick feedback, there is a place for it on both  mastodon  and  pixelfed . a website is intended to be something more.

a website is divided up in such a way that each of my interests resides in its own page. This way it's easier to find content and engage in a way that allows you, me, and we might interact meaningfully.

The most recent update can be found here:  writing  - 01 October 2018